Klonoa: Empire of Dreams 2D stages

I figured I’d do stages from this game, because it’s so easy to rip the sprites I need. I also put in the border from the Game Boy Player and adjusted the camera so there’s no tilt. It works great in Fixed Camera Mode (see the Ghazzaland video.)

I made these stages from scratch with the newest version of BrawlBox, so they won’t crash on new BrawlBox versions anymore! 🙂


Vision 1-1 – Ghazzaland
Vision 4-1 – Santal
Each package contains SSPs and a BRSTM file for the music.

2 Responses to “Klonoa: Empire of Dreams 2D stages”

  • Do these stages go over the ones you show in the video with, or without .rel files?

  • They go over Final Destination. You should use a .rel file if you want it over something else. I recommend doing that because FD has an odd glowing orb in the center that’s not part of the PAC file.

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