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I fight for my royalty.

Even though he’s been snooping as usual, I see, Ike got a PRRRRRRROMOTION. Why Nintendo didn’t put this in Brawl in the first place baffles the mind, but that’s what we’re here for! Oh lord, this will be one good update. Now, get ready for pics. Pics nao. And there were pics. Thousands of them. Well, five pics anyway. I’m missing one pic, but don’t fret, it’ll be up soon and captioned. Just had to improvise on an update, come back later for the last pic.

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Ninten, now with no do!

Behold, the prototype to Ness. The Ristar to Ness’ Sonic. In the official art they look exactly the same, but in the in-game sprites due to the limited palette, Ninten was a man of his own! And we translated that own-ness into a hack. Praise be. From taking down Mewtwo-lookalikes to exterminating zombies, Ninten’s done it all. Except fight against an assortment of other Nintendo-universe characters. But now he can! I know what you’re thinking, pics nao, so ok. Pics be here.

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Wakka wakka wakka.

Straight from the greatest arcade game ever courtesy of Eggboy13, PACMAN! Avoid Blinky, Pinky, Inky,ย  and Clyde as you go for your precious power pellets.ย  Get the fruit, the pretzels, etcetera, and turn on those ghosts and eat their unworldly corpses! But then they’ll just respawn and hunt you down like the dog that you are. Just don’t get too far, as Billy Mitchell will hunt you down and light your body ablaze with his precious hot-sauce for stealing his world record. So pop yourself in with your 2-litre bottle of Shasta and your all-Rush mixtape and get ready for some Pac-Man.

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Ninja, or ninja impersonator?

You decide. Link dressed up like a ninja for halloween! Little does his feeble mute mind know, halloween is over. But Link doesn’t care, he’s going to go and get some candy anyway, just you try and stop him. Of course, this isn’t a REAL ninja, because if he was you wouldn’t be able to see him because he’s so stealthy, you know. Hey, at least he isn’t wearing bright orange and running around yelling like another fake ninja I know. *glares* I know you’re waiting for the pics, so dine on them, dine I say!

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Did we follow the official colored works closely enough this time?

So, after the bombshell of (hilarious) fail that was our first attempt at a Megaman hack, Dhragen comes by and makes it all better. ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, MEGAMAN. HE’S A FIGHTING ROBOT. Megaman is one of the most requested characters, and no, we will not make him for Samus. Enjoy this however, for your blue bomber fix. Note worthy: this is the first collaborative costume. Dhragen did the eyes and Androu1 did everything else. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hooray collaboration! Anyway, this is another early update. I’m just publishing it because I don’t wanna wait until midnight. I want to soak in your precious comments right now, into my braaaaain. Comment in the comment area, or in the forums, or even in the IRC! IT’S YOUR CHOICE. Enjoy! Anyway, I know you want the pics. Dine on them, like the hungry fan you are.

And shall I add, this isn’t really Megaman himself! It’s MEGA! From Megaman Powered Up!

This costume is basically Megaman before he actually became a FIGHTING ROBOT. Right now, he’s actually a assistant robot, that is shunned down by his (lack) of power. But he’s here to show you who’s the boss now!

All he wants to do is help…

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Back to videos,back to bagel.

Bluz is now on vacations,and that means more costumes and videos coming from him! Let’s start right now.A new video right below.

The epic and neverending struggle between Captain KVIrc and Captain mIRC

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The Gitaroo Hero is here to RAWK yo face!

Awesome! The hero from planet Gitaroo! It’s Gitaroo Man! On his human form, but it’s still Gitaroo Man!

Yes, people. Another mostly obscure character. It’s U-1 from the cult game Gitaroo Man, which was a very rare PS2 game until it was “re-printed” or something…and then it was ported to the PSP.

It’s still a very “obscure” series and it’s worth the munnis! U needs to buy zee gaim!


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Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Blame Canada! But, this may very well be one of the best independant comic book heroes of all time…especially for our friends in the great white north. CAPTAIN CANUCK RIDES AGAIN!!! The reason this texture was made was because of the persistent begging of a good sir Mario, I hope you like this hack. We made it just for you. ๐Ÿ˜€

This costume also shows Androu1’s mastery of the way of the Captain Falcon’s textures.

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Costume of the Month events now open!

Ever felt like voting for you favorite costume to make it be considered THE BEST?! THE BEST IN THE MONTH?!

Well,now you can do it over the Stack Smash section of bob’s forum! YES YOU CAN!!! YES YOU CAN!!!
Go and do it now!

(Note if the link doesn’t work,you seem to need to be logged into the forum for it to work.Just go here and register/log-in)

It’s MAMA UPDATE to you, viewers!

Mama Luigi is here! And he’s gonna annoy you till death…or make you laugh! Doesn’t really matter, you will die one way or another.And if you won’t, he will FORCE you to die, if you know what I mean.

You may have noticed the updates have been up earlier than normal as of late…well,like they say in Brooklyn, early to update, early to bed…or was it the bagel?

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