Firefucko The Cheapohog joins da Brawl! (BETA)

Well, I made a moveset hack!

Basically, it’s a little buffed up Sonic (more knockback/damage, a little bit faster running speed, etc etc) that also has FIRE!

He can fucking do damage by just running around, damnit! That should be enough for you!
Changes so far:

  • He leaves a trail of fire while running. This causes damage.
  • 19% base damage on AAA combo + more knockback on last hit
  • More damage on dash attack + more knocback

Left to do:

  • A whole fucking lot!

(remember, the SCHC forum has it’s own custom moveset sections, post yours there :D)


(I will host him in StackSmash’s server when he’s finished. He’s way too unfinished as of now)

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