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Pokemon HG/SS Elite 4 VS Will

Pokemon HG/SS Elite 4 Will’s stadium is here!! I even managed to create the transparent floating blocks that are in the ingame version.

Goes over BF wiht no rel. and over Pokemon Stadium 2 with the rel.

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Sonic Advance 2:Techno Base Zone

Another Sonic Advance stage. Although I failed to make the texture animations and texture patterns, the stage still came out DECENT looking to me. Most of my Sonic stages aren’t balanced so I tryed to make this one a bit more balanced for competitive players. It’s somewhat like Frigate Orpheon in a a broad sense. The 2 squares on the sides of the stage move in and out of view. Like the platforms on the sides do in the Frigate Orpheon stage. So if you stay on them too long they will bring you into the death boundarys on the sides of the stage. However they don’t just kill you. They provide an alternate way back onto the stage because they have ledgs. So you can grab on to one of those intsead of having to go back to the stage.

Goes over Frigate Orpheon with the rel.

Goes over BF with no rel.

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Sonic Advance 2:Music Plant Zone

This stage took very long to make because I had to earase

alot of difference parts of certain textures to make them translucent.

It was very annoying -_-

But anyway, the stage goes over BF with no rel. And Hanenbow with the rel.




Can some one make this for me with 3DS MAX?

I need help guys. Can someone make a shape for me and make textures for it as well. Can you also put it in mdlo format so I can open

it up in brawl box please?
I am making a series of Pokemon stages  and I am having trouble making a background to the stages. Here’s some previews

The stages are based off the HG/SS elite 4 fighting areas


How ever I am asking for your help because I don’t have access to 3DS max (long story).
So I was wondering, if it wouldn’t be too much to ask of you guys…..
Could onre of you please make the shape I circled in red in this picture?

A 3D version of course. I heard that this can be made from a tube model in 3ds max but I dont have access to 3ds max.

Sonic Advance:Egg Rocket Zone

Another Sonic Advance stage I wanted to make.

Comes with 2 versions. One where the stage is in place

and another where the stage is at the rocket base. Goes over Cornari. Both go over Battlefield with no rel.

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Pokemon R/S/E Legendary Trio Over Spear Pillar

I moved ALL 3 stages over Spear pillar. The Kyogre stage stage is STILL SWIMMABLE and the Groudon Stage doesn’t have the Norfair lava effects But it has a falling boundary. The Raquaza stage is just flat with rocks and junk. All 3 stages can go over Jungle japes with no rel.

Videos here:

Legendary Trio pac download


Super Mario Advance 2:Ghost House

I made another part of the house and ported both stages over Mushroomy Kingdom.
So now when you select the Mushroomy Kingdom stage you play on one of the 2 stages each time.

Both go over Battlefield with no rel.


Videos Here

Download here:

Pokemon D/P/P Turnback Cave V2

-Increased texture accuracy.
-Animated Giratina
-Added Bronzongs
-Golbats and Zubats fly by periodicaly in one of the stages
-Added Giratina portals
-Smoother animations on ALL Pokemon Models
-Better lighting on ALL Pokemon Models
-Added Gastly’s
-Changed the size of the boulders

-New Giratina model

All 3 stages can go over Jungle japes with no rel. They go over Shadow Moses Island with the rel.

Videos here


Sonic Advance 3:Alter Emerald

Requested by animeist72

Emeral flys back and forth in the background from time to time.

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Sonic Advance:Angel Island Zone

Angel Island Zone from Sonic Advance 1. This was a stage requested by….um….I forgot, well his name isn’t “I forgot”. I mean I forgot his name lol. This stage also requires you to tech to stay alive and the moving platform  in the middle TROLLS so hard. If you fall under it most likely you won’t be coming back lol….you’ll see what I mean in the video. But anyway yeah it goes over Battlefield with no rel.
And goes over The Temple with the rel.

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