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A new member. A pretty damn awesome new member, while we’re at it.


Pako is pretty much an cool guy, with good ideas and awesome skills. He wanted to join KittyCorp, but then he found he was selected for Stack Smash, so here he is. He’s a fan of the Mario series, so we’ll hopefully see an increase of costumes related to the good ol’ plumber eating mushroom around here. I mean, the mushroom eating plumber.

You want proof he’s awesome and has awesome skills, uh?

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We got interviewed.

Just fucking shut up and read it already.

A prince from a dark world comes.

It’s Prince X, called X because noone knows his true name, and because he has X shapes on his clothes and shield. He hails from a dark world. A world full of violence.

He was almost killed by an traitor, but he managed to escape into our world. He kills you (or knocks you the stage, rather. For SSBB’s sake) and then proceeds to feed over your soul. That’s the only way he can stay in this world. That’s the only way he can stay alive.

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They are yellow and proud of it. The kid that makes his dad rage all the damned time and the meme other kid.

They need no introduction, I am sure.

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Get your friggin pants down and do the ass dance!

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This is what bein’ friends is about!

When you are happy
With laughter to spare
Fun is twice as fun
With someone to share
When you are lonely
And full of despair
Things aren’t half as bad
When somebody cares
Maybe now you have figured it out
That’s what bein’ a friend is about
When you’re lookin’
For someone you can rely on
Won’t you think about me
When you’re lookin’
For someone you can rely on
Don’t you ever doubt me
I’ll be there someway, somehow
That’s what bein’ friends is about!


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Dead Monkeys aren’t much fun. BUT. THEY. CAN. DANCE!

So yeah people. We now bring you what you all wanted. DONKEY KONG!!!

First off, we have Dry DK, whom will make you think of DEAD MONKEYS THAT CAN DANCE WHILE LOOKING SUPER RETARDED.

And we also have Funky Kong, with his skin tight clothes. Actually, it’s Fonkey Kong, since DK stole Funky’s clothes…didn’t steal the sunglasses while at it, tho. But whatever.

Less nonsense, more pics.
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Hey people! We are gonna throw pills with fire down your throat tonight! It seems Dr.Mario and Roy have come back AGAIN. They just weren’t too happy with their older looks.

First off, Roy with his even more awesome looks and a EPIC cape (can’t thank Bird Person enough for that). And guess what? NO WEIRD GREEN ON HIS HAIR NOW!

Anyway, Plumbing Dr.Mario also REJOINS the Brawl. With awesomer overall…things that just make him awesome. He also uses pills to put his whole outfit together nicely.

Anyway, screw talking, I got pics.

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The Forum!!!!!!1

OK people, I will be short and to the point. We have a forum but it seems noone cares about it, since it’s dead as fuck.

So…I’m gonna put this big ad in here!


Wow, what is this madness? More retro?!

From the very fucking awesome and retro lands of the original Final Fantasy games come today’s costumes. They are here to kick ass and take–*shot*


Anyway, Bird Person brings up 2 of his most awesome works. One of them has very loose hands and the other is unmatched with weapons, even tho he seems to prefer using his own hands.

I (Androu1) bring a offensive magic user, because you NEED HIM IN UR PARTY LIEK RITE NAO OR U SUX!! *shot*

Anyway, anyway…pics.

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