We got interviewed.

Just fucking shut up and read it already.

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  • Second and cool!

  • Mewtwo references for the win. You guys are awesome. <3

  • The interview was a lot of fun guys! Let me know when you’re all up for part 2

  • “5:17:09 PM justin: 7. What are the future plans for customizing Brawl? Sound editing? Custom game modes?

    5:17:20 PM PZT: Sound editing is already done.

    5:17:25 PM PZT: Well, music editing anyway.”

    I’m not sure where thee files are located, but I think that the ultimate hack would be replacing character and general SOUND files. then you could make any characters sound like anything else.


  • Sound editing would be super fucking lame since it’s shared between all costumes, IMO.

  • I don’t know when a music loader is coming, but there are people working on changing models. There are also people working on editing Marth so he has Roy’s properites (Sweetspot, Fire, etc).

    It was kind of a boring read, nothing new.

    You didn’t mention STASH coming out by the end of the month, though.

  • There are versions of ASHtage out already.

    ..that interview was exactly like all of your IRC chats…




  • Sound editing isn’t completely worthless. There are many characters with horrible voices that need their Melee ones back. Say hi to Fox.

  • 4:56:43 PM PZT: Well, my favorite game ever is Paper Mario on the good old N64.

    ME TOO πŸ˜€

  • lol Captain Jim’s llama song reference

  • I think Leon is the only one who shares my brawl mains. Androu1 had a one track mind in the beginning.

    PS2 for the win.

  • you could give marth back his “lets dance” sound

    or you could do something awesome and make every captain falcon sound like M. Bison from the street fighter animated series.

    besides, it’d only be temporary, and could be changed any time

    people can easily change sounds on pc games so people have made completely epic games, like turning Left 4 Dead into a game where every regular zombie sounds like the tf2 scout, every tank zombie sounds like the heavy, every wall jumping zombie sounds like brawl’s sonic, and every long-tounged zombie sounds like yoshi.

    it would be EPIC

  • I is still appauled at the fact I wasn’t in this interview, I knew it was on, but I was in prison (school).

  • The interview was good fun, although I think Justin changed /removed a few important notes, like, all of a sudden, I’m talking about importing Japanese games.

    Still, thanks a lot Justin, can’t wait to do some solo ones :3

  • heh, sorry about that Leon, πŸ™‚ I think I was a little zealous as I was editing. But! I just posted a Raw, unedited version for your viewing pleasure πŸ˜‰ So everyone should get the full context.

    It’s a pdf and you’ll see it linked at the top of the interview. Enjoy!

  • Wait, You mentioned ASH standing for “Automatic Smash Hexer”. I always thought that it stood for “Automatic Smash HACKER” Which was the 3D model thing. Are these two different tools? If so could anyone provide a link, I could really use a “Automatic Smash Hexer”.

  • It was a type I think, it’s called Automatic Smash Hack.


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