Wow, “Smash Boards” should be renamed to “Nazi Boards”. The Cloud Strife project.

Well since the Nazi collaboration boards (AKA Smash Boards), i have decided to post my project ofm aking Cloud Strife here:

Hey there guys!

I know your probably thinking this is just like the megaman project and im gonna end up flaking out, but NO. The megaman project ended up being too hard for me, the moveset was impossible to do his projectiles without master article editing, but i have had a long think about Cloud, his moves don’t require articles, i like the character and the series, so why not?

Well now to the project, this project will include:

A new model
A new set of animations
A new moveset
Possibly his own stage (model +music)

His model:

I did this in 1 sitting (which IMO is pretty good) coz some of you might know that my first cloud model got corrupted during a save, so i started this one (i actually like this one better).

I found various pictures of cloud and mixed and matched them to make a model sheet, i found a tonne of dissidia ones that worked great, but i still had to make modifications to the picture coz the dissidia one is still slightly different from the original Cloud.

Check around the KC:MM or the SS blog for more finished models

His moveset:

Speed: 7/10
1st Jump: 6/10
2nd Jump: 5/10
Recovery: 7/10
Priority: 9/10
Power: 10/10
Range: 8/10
Overall: 52/70

NeutralB – Deathblow – Chargeable, does a small hop into the air and does a big slash.

NeutralB Air – Deathblow – Chargeable, jumps down doing the slash until he hits the ground (or canceled by pressing B again).

SideB – Attack – When you press and hold SideB Cloud starts running forward (faster than normal) and then when you release he does a slash and jumps back a little.

SideB Air – Attack – Instead of a run he kinda fly’s.


Alternative SideB – Blade Beam – Like Fighter Kirbys hadouken.

Alternative SideB Air – Blade Beam – Same as above, just in the air.

DownB – Counter Attack – Similar to Ikes counter, but when the counter succeeds you become mobile and get some invincibility frames, to attack however you please.

DowB Air – Counter Attack – Same as above, just starts in the air though.

UpB – Climhazard – Cloud stabs in front of him and does a marth esque dolphin slash – 23 seconds into

Final Smash – Omnislash – You all know this one – 2 limit breaks after Climhazard

The rest will be various slash attacks.

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  • I saw on the boards why the hell was it locked????

  • Coz Bionic Sonic had a cry that i smashed him with the douche comment.

  • Mods can be annoying…

  • Oh my gosh this is so going to be good.

  • Despite me actually looking forward to this project, could you cry a bit more, please? I mean really, you act like an asshole.

  • What do you mean? He locked my thread, said it wasn’t a legitimate project, so i tried to prove to him TWICE that it was. He ended up deciding that this shouldn’t be considered a project because i never wrote a full statement saying that i have other people helping me (but i did say it in the comments) and that i didn’t make it clear that it was more than just a “My Ideas” thread.

    I told him not to worry about it and i would post else where.

    How is this having a cry? He got mad coz he misjudged the first thread and because of his misjudgment he got insulted, which made him stick to his mistake, convincing everyone around him that he was right, when he wasn’t.

  • Well im done working on his model for today. Tomorrow ill post the update on KC:MM blog, then the SS blog again.

  • I don’t think he said it wasn’t a legitimate project (I reread all the posts and he didn’t say anything like that). The thing is, in your first thread, you just said that you were starting a cloud project and then you listed a bunch of animations. It was definitely clear than just a “My Ideas” thread that get locked because noobs post them, but it was also much much less than any other project thread that’s allowed its own thread on smashboards (psa downloads, youtube previews, a good layout, etc).

    The second thread was just a repost of the fist, but you called BionicSonic a douche. Not a smart move, but whatever.

    As for having people on board with the project, I still don’t see where you said that there were other people working on it (after looking at all three threads).

    I really doubt you were trying to go after the mods here and that they probably misunderstood you, but you didn’t really go out of your way to make yourself understood, either. Which helps.

  • First someone works on making Waluigi playable (using the Assist Trophy model), now someone is making they’re OWN model and character?!? Kudos to you man.
    I suggest that when you start, that you use Captain Falcon’s animations to start with. His body is also the “Universal Body” for characters.

  • so its on ike it looks like? maybe even his texture? considering his final smash and attacks i think he will make a good moveset base(IMO).

  • Those guys lock everything. They locked a help thread I made before anybody bothered to answer…
    All I want is a playable Tingle dang it!

  • * BP flips the bird to Cloud

  • Make the PSA turn-based for shits and giggles.

  • Smashboards does suck (to many rules)

  • Reminds me of when someone made a post for a Ryu moveset, then Bluz commented and said he and I were working on it already, and added some pictures. Then, some random admin locks the thread saying that it should go in the Texture Database thread. Like, what the hell? He can’t even tell the difference between movesets and textures.

  • i love you

  • Looking forward to this project, even though I don’t like Cloud much.

    Also VILE, you do act like an ass at times. This is a fact.

    Though I’m on your side for this. Smashboards needs a psa section. Throwing everything into one unorganized topic doesn’t work.

  • Just so you know he deemed it non legimate in a PM.

  • Hmm.. Your first side-B idea sounds abuseable…

    Also, I talk to Bionic occasionally on Xat.. He doesn’t really seem like one of those types of people. I’ll talk to him about this.

    Also again (lulz), I’d be happy to work on the stage with you if you’d like.

  • Sounds broken. But hey, it is PSA, so what could I have been expecting


    So, I talked to Bionic about it.. And he said everyone wanted a different thing. He just played up to the higher authority on this one and hopes there are no hard feelings.

  • His DownB should be Cross slash

  • I’m trying to read this in the 9.274 revision of the seamonkey web browser and the page looks kinda messed up. I think you should it out.

  • What program do you se to make models?

  • It is quite clear that Smashboards are so close minded.

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