Mipmaps messing around with costumes? Androu1 just figured it out.

Hey people! You all may have seen the Royal Purple Marth,right? The first WIP to be shown here and I said that he had a very little and stupid problem right? The mipmaps messed his costume’s upper part…but this won’t happen anymore!

Well,as of today,I’ve finally figured that out.Even with Ghosteo’s team Syntax Error FAQ coming soon,I thought this was worth giving a shot.And so I did.And what do you know…I was able to fully edit an mipmapped costume without it fading off when I zoomed out!

The main problem,I start school in september 16th.Phreeq is also gonna start school soon.I don’t really know about PZT,but I don’t think he has unlimited vacations.

This makes me feel very happy.But makes me also feel kinda bad that I didn’t realize that before.But hey,I atleast did it.

Now the ONLY thing that is blocking our paths (to my knowledge) are the textures with palettes.For those,we WILL wait for Ghosteo’s team guide.

Perphaps,you all find this nonsense because Syntax Error figured it out and because they will release their guide.But believe me,this will make these 2 weeks WAY better for us and you,the viewers.

Also,we do plan to release our costumes for personal use.Since PZT said it already,I guess I should just post it here too for you people not to ask too much.Basically,due to legal reasons,we can NOT (or shouldn’t) distribute the PCS files in which the costumes are.We are looking into it.

PizzaBoy (USBGecko.com forums) is working on a way to load the costumes via Ocarina.I’ve helped him as much as I can and I hope he finds a way to do this.

Have a nice day (night?) people.We will now have way more variety in our costumes and we will get a few old ones that had mipmaps working at 100% awesomeness.

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