Pokemon HG/SS Burned Tower

The burned tower you find the 3 legendary dogs in, in heartgold soulsilver.  i though it would be cool to add a second level instead of making this another 3 part stage.


video here:www.youtube.com/watch?v=nikDuXGSmUg

download here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/643daabfj599f/Pokemon%20HG%2FSS%20Burned%20Tower

2 Responses to “Pokemon HG/SS Burned Tower”

  • JediKnightTemplar

    Dang, this place is popping with updates. Seems like yesterday this place was dead and ESH was lively. Nice work here.

  • @JediKnightTemplar

    More like “Seems like last year”. Stack Smash has always been active. Even when the updates slowed down, we haven’t had less than five updates a month, and we’ve continued to have updates even after ESH’s updates came to a halt.

    Anyway, nice stage yojj5. Here’s to hoping you get the Raikou model needed to finish this stage.

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