Hey, why not more Pokemon?

I’m not dead yet!  i’ve just had a bad few weeks recently.

this was a quick hack to try to get me back in the hacking mood, hopefully it worked and hopefully you like it.

it’s Hitmonchan on Little Mac/Sheik!

i figured that having him just be on Little Mac may not please everyone, so i did a quick port to put him on Sheik as well so you can actually play with him, since it’s been done for a few other Little Mac vertexes before.  it is a bit glitchy, like freezing when you pick up items that you have to hold (along with a few other glitches), but it is a one slot swap.  both are included in the download.




as for my absence (if you don’t care, then you can stop reading because the download link is above), my parents were kicked out of the house they were renting (as was i since i’m living with them for at least the summer).  we are in a ‘temporary’ house with no internet connection or air conditioning (hence why we could stay there), and no open wifi connections close to where we’re staying.  the no internet connection is why i haven’t been on, and the no AC is why my desire to hack/do anything is gone.  and yes it’s that bad without AC, i’m in the South Western deserts of America (it’s the closest i’ll say to where i live), and the thermostat is usually between 90-100 for most of the day.

hopefully this will help get me back in the hacking mood.

5 Responses to “Hey, why not more Pokemon?”

  • Damn, that sucks to hear about what you’re going through right now. It’s a harsh reminder that, just when you think that your life is bad, there’s always someone else who has It worse.

    Nice hack though. With all the advancements made in fixing model swaps there should be someway(s) to fix the problems.

  • there are ways to fix all the problems (which i could do in about 15 minutes), but it would mess up all the other slots because it would require editing the FitSheik.pac file.

  • It FINALLY happened.
    Awesome job 😀



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