Late introduction

OK so this is a bit late but when i first came into the team i had never used wordpress before so i didnt know what PAVNG ment by “introduce” yourself, but now i know how to post and what not.  SOOOOO im yojj5….you may have seen that name in many other places yojj8, yojj7, yojj5 ect yeah its the name i use for just about every account i make for something .So if you see it its problably me, anyway i make stage hacks.  mosly pokemon hacks because they are fun and the easyest for me.  I dont know how to import so i rely on other peoples models or the original brawl models most of the time to make my stages.  Since i became apart of the team i been trying to make better Hacks and i released one of my best Hacks N’s Castle like 2 days ago so yeah now you know me PEACE.

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