so apparently i’m on a team now.

yeah, i was a little surprised too.  so i’m Snoopy (even if my wordpress account name says otherwise), and i’ve been into hacking Brawl for about a year and a half now.  most of you may not know me, but that’s because i don’t post too often, and i have a small habit of dropping in and out at times.

since i’ve been around for so long, i can do just about anything with Brawl hacking, PSA, vertexing, texturing, CSP’s, stages.  i may not be the best, but hey.  what i am good at, though, is model swapping/porting and fixing the various glitches that occur.  like i said, i started hacking about a year and a half ago, and model swapping was very popular at the time, even though we knew very little about it, and could only use already in Brawl models.  i spent my time mostly looking into how to fix the glitches that they have.  by the time i figured out a lot of the fixes, many of the hackers that were there left, and were replaced by new hackers that had no idea how to fix them.  so to help, i posted my notes, and formulated them into a handy guide.

yeah, it’s posted on both Smashboards and Kitty Corp.  i figured it would be noticed by more people that way.  and i recently went through and updated a lot of the stuff that i hadn’t touched in almost a year, since some of it needed a clarification or complete edit.  so if you need help with doing a model swap, just ask me.

anyways, here’s some stuff that i’ve released, in case you’ve missed it, going oldest to newest.  i’m currently into vertex hacking, and occasionally helping people with porting problems.

link to my BrawlVault, where all of these are, and more.

and sorry for a huge wall of text, but it is an intro post, so it’s okay.  none of my future ones will be this much text.

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