Big Music Update

Since I haven’t updated with BRSTMs in a while, I’ve decided to start making them again and have a huge update with lots of music.

Trouble in Vegas – One of the action songs from Hitman: Blood Money. It loops continuously instead of ending and starting again.

Sonic CD Act Clear! -The level complete jingle from the Japanese version of Sonic CD.

Popple & Rookie Battle (Remix) – A remixed version of the Popple & Rookie battle theme from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. This remix was made by Tgoogle222.

The Ultimate Show – The final boss theme from Super Paper Mario. Thanks to moosehunter for giving me the BRSTM, Which came from the Super Paper Mario ISO.

The Ultimate Show (Short Intro) – Same song as above but I shortened the intro. Again, I give my thanks to moosehunter for giving me the original BRSTM.

At Sea – Overworld sailing music from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Main Theme (Spirit Tracks) – The main theme/overworld train tracks music from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. This is probably the best overworld theme the series has ever had.

Aqua Man – Not the superhero, this is the stage theme of the Robot Master from Mega Man 8.

Stage Theme 1 (Mario Bros.) – The stage theme from the Gameboy Advance version of Mario Bros.

Duff McWhalen stage theme – I refuse to call this the Tidal Makkoeen stage theme (Tidal Makkoeen is what weeaboos use).

Team Select (NBA Jam) – The Jammin’ (pun intended) team select theme from NBA Jam.

Hornet Man (16-bit) – A 16-bit version of Hornet Man’s theme from Mega Man 9. Remix was made by myhatsonfire.

Splash Woman (16-bit) – A 16-bit version of Splash Woman’s theme from Mega Man 9. Remix was made by myhatsonfire.

The Dark Cristal – The Dark Cristal rap song from Robot Chicken.

Here Comes the Hero – Kick-ass first stage music from the X-Men arcade game.

Inner Sanctum Peace – The peaceful version of the Inner Sanctum music from Serious Sam.

Inner Sanctum Medium – The action version of the Inner Sanctum music from Serious Sam.

NBA Jam Team Select (OC Remix) – An OC Remix of the team select theme from NBA Jam. Remix made by ktriton, Mustin, and Steve Lella.

Inside Clanker – The music from Banjo-Kazooie for when you’re inside of Clanker.

Wendy’s Cunt Song – From the South Park Episode “Something you can do with your finger”. This BRSTM does not loop.

Monkey Island – The music from when you’re on Monkey Island from The Secret of Monkey Island.

Mystical Ninja Main Theme – The opening theme from Mystical Ninja for the N64.

Mystical Ninja Main Theme (Looped) – Looping version of the above song.

Sunset ~ Want You – Music from the Tosa area in Mystical Ninja.

I am Impact! – The song in Mystical Ninja that’s heard in cutscenes when you summon the giant robot Impact.

Goe Goe Spark – Kick ass rock music for the last area of Mystical Ninja (I really like this game’s music).

I think this is the most music I’ve ever updated with. There were a lot of songs that I wanted to update with but couldn’t make in time for this update, so my next music update will have lots of songs too.

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