Ninja Balls!

Here’s Mask from Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls, Another obscure N64 game that nobody else gives a crap about.

This uses the latest version of Mewtwo2000’s ball Kirby (Obviously). So I cannot upload this to the BrawlVault.

Edit: Now I can. Download.

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  • Is that game worth buying? I keep seeing it at my local used game store, and it looks oh so lonely.

  • @shrooms

    I’d say It is. But It’s very different from most racing games. I recommend watching some videos of It and/or playing a ROM of It before buying It.

  • omg iggy’s recking ball D:
    I thought nobody knew about that game DX

  • I remember renting this and chameleon twist 2 at blockbuster when aye tis a wee lad…

  • I always saw this big old Advert for this game in the back of my old N64 magazines, and I wanted it quite badly, but alas, back then Money was so scarce I had to save up for 6 weeks just to get one game, if not longer

  • I remember running into that game, along with some other low ranked N64 titles.

  • You cannot upload it to the vault? Why? Vault is supposed to hold in every brawl hack in the internet O.o

  • @Mewtwo2000

    Because I used your Ball Kirby model without your permission. And according to the BrawlVault rules, If you edit someone’s work without their permission, You are plagiarizing their work. Even If you give them credit.

  • @PAVGN

    So I totally hardly check out the hacking sites anymore, but I just read this so I thought I might as well say…I don’t think it’s against the rules if you have the person’s permission and you credit them, people post updates to other’s creations all the time. Revamps, recolors, or even entirely different characters using the same model.

    Also I totally rented Iggy’s Recking bawlz when I was a kid, and I failed at it D= haha. I guess I was too young to know what I was doing, but I do remember it =).

  • @Italian_Boy1Up

    It’s not against the rules If you have permission and give credit, But here’s the thing: I always give credit when I edit someone’s work, But I never ask for permission because there’s no reason to. So even though I always give credit, Because I don’t ask for permission, I can no longer upload edits of other peoples work to BrawlVault, Even though as Mewtwo2000 said, It’s supposed to hold every Brawl hack on the Internet.

  • You used my Giegue texture y’know ….


    Really though, I don’t care if people want to upload my stuff, saves me doing it


  • @PAVGN Well, then you’re getting my permission now O.o

    Many people has used Ball Kirby, asking or not, and Ball Kirby (and its emerald version too) was made to be used by anyone for their hacks. There are many awesome kirby hacks over there using my Ball Kirby and I’m proud of it O.o

  • @Mewtwo2000

    Well most people who make hacks that are “made to be used by anyone for their hacks” are selfish and greedy and still want people to ask for permission to use them. Thank God you actually mean It when you say It’s meant to be used by other people. It’s too bad there aren’t more people in the community like that.

    Anyway, I guess I should thank you for giving me permission. You can PM me on the forums If you want to discuss this further.

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