Hearts, Musical Notes…Actually, Just Music

Yeah, Are you surprised? Another BRSTM update by me. Who knew?

The Lost Page – An unused world song from Yoshi’s Story.

Scrap Brain Zone – From the Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Space Queens – From the unreleased Sonic game, Sonic X-treme.

Drivin’ Through on Max – One of my favorite songs from F-Zero X.

Master Porky’s Theme – A remixed version from the Mother 3i album.

Stan’s Previously Owned Vessels – I don’t like the Special Edition version of the song, So I made a BRSTM of the original version. It loops the same way It does in the game, So It fades out and starts again.

Blow Me Away – An instrumental version of the song. Loops perfectly rather than ending and starting again.

The Lawyers – The music that’s heard in the Lawyers’ office in Escape from Monkey Island.

Wave Race 64 Title Theme (Remix) – An awesome remix of the Wave Race 64 title theme from Wave Race: Blue Storm.

The Floating Monastery – The music that’s heard in The Floating Monastery from Quest 64.
Stage Select – The stage select music from Mega Man 8.

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