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Tron Legacy Toon Link

Yup, the 2nd in my series of Tron Legacy hacks.
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Pokemon Ruby Terra Cave

Terra Cave from pokemon Ruby Version.
Comes with lava fall version and one without lava falls.

Also comes with 2 shiny versions. One without lavafalls and one with lavafalls
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Pokemon HG/SS Dragons Den V2

Added whirlpool
Added the bridge and broken bridge pieces
Changed the size of the cave
Moved the waterfalls back
Added more rocks
Moved the Gyarados’s back
Added green sphears ontop of the poles
Added more poles
Removed steps and replaced them with a bridge
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Pokemon D/P Snowpoint City Gym revamp V2

Another revamp to this stage. This is as close to the ingame version as I can get it now. Goes over the Summit. I added a Weavil and the snowballs that are in the gym in the ingame version. However only one is in the forground so they do not interrupt gameplay. The stage also isn’t as slippery as the last version do to the fact I changed the collisions. Goes over Jungle Japes with no rel. Enjoy


Tron Luigi

Yeah, another Luigi texture…

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Rice Beach

An original stage based on Rice Beach from Wario Land.

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