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Test your wits in this sprawling, mind bending adventure!

Morning Ness with Super SnakeMario’s box. I can’t give out .pac file because it’s located in common3, so just insert the texture yourself.

stock updates

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Just a Ness recolor


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This is a remake of my first hack, Quote. The download won’t be up for a while, since I’m still fixing it up. Syrus fixed the hair model for me, so thanks.

(this is also my third update this week

i’m being such a hog)

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Wow More Falcon SS textures

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Now you’re playing with Power!

Super Mario + Super Luigi

it’s a coincidence this was posted right after Dhragen’s Kirby Snake.


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Melee Revamp 2: donkey king

donkey king

Next’ll probably be Green Greens or Big Blue. Or maybe not, whatever I feel like at the moment really.

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Wow, Melee sure had sum A+ graphics!!

This was sort of an experimental hack, done while I was playing around with Brawlbox. A lot of the textures were given higher resolution, and the lighting is taken from Delfino.  There were, like, supposed to be bigger cars.  But when I put it in game, it only caused glitches.

Confused? This is a texture revamp of Onett.

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Triple update + an intro

Alright, so Stack Smash hired me to help replace some of the retired hackers.  (not that i’ll be a good replacement lololol)

Here’s G/S/C Pokemon Trainer, Nayru, and Mushroom Kingdom.

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