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The Lost Mario Brother

Before the events of Yoshi’s Island, the stork was actually carrying three babies: Mario, Luigi, and a mysterious third brother. Well, the bag containing the last brother slipped,  and it fell to an island far below. The baby died on impact. But luckily the island was populated by Mushrooms, and so he was revived with a 1-up mushroom. And so, the mushrooms raised the child as one of their own. After many years, the mushrooms had to come straight with the child: They were not his real family. And so, the young man made his own clothes and set out to find his family. This is the story of Quentin. Continue reading ‘The Lost Mario Brother’


After Metal Gear Solid 2, people weren’t sure if Kojima could mess with their minds any more than he already had. But when Metal Gear Solid 3 hit, we were hit with something no one had seen coming. Aside from the main game, there was a mini-game, titled “Snake vs. Monkey”. It turned out to be a crossover: A crossover between the universes of Metal Gear Solid and Ape Escape. Solid Snake was to go around…catching monkeys. As bizarre as the premise was, it turned out quite fun. But there was something odd about Snake’s camouflage. It was…covered in a banana pattern.

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‘Snake, your face paint…it’s…’

‘I know, it’s called Zombie.’

‘What’s a zombie?’

‘I dunno.’ Continue reading ‘‘Snake, your face paint…it’s…’’




CAAAAAANDYYYYY (and a bonus)

Little does Speed know that Racer X is actually his older brother, Rex Racer, who ran away many years ago.

But fully does Speed know that Spritle and Chim-Chim are actually his little brother and pet monkey, who hid in the trunk of the Mach 5 many seconds ago. Ohhh!

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Hate to burst your bubble…

So, this is a simple recolor. I decided “I kinda miss simple stuff like Pinkadorf”. So I wondered who to recolor. Then I decided ” We don’t have enough Olimars”. So I made Bubblemar. I call him this because he looks like bubblegum to me. So chew on that.

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Cue the bass line!

Y’see, Dr. Wily was tired of Mega Man always showing his robot masters up. Every time, the blue bomber would thwart his plans and send him back to the evil drawing board. One day, it dawned on Wily: To beat Mega Man, he’d need to make a robot equal to Mega Man’s powers. And thus, he began his latest robot:

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Meet the Update!

Builders League United. Otherwise known as BLU, a company supposedly specializing in construction, but is actually in control of half of the world’s governments. The other half of the world’s governments is controlled by RED, Reliable Excavation and Demolition. Luckily, BLU has an elite team of mercenaries at their disposal. Unfortunately, so does RED.

It was a slow day at the BLU 2Fort base. There were only two BLU members on duty: The lady-loving, man-killing, sneaky Spy and the drunkard, off-kilter, scottish Demoman. They were lazing about the barracks, leaving their intel unguarded, for they didn’t think anyone from RED was nearby, what with almost all of them having been killed last Tuesday. Imagine their surprise when the intercom annoucned that their intel had been stolen…by a RED Scout. Making a mad dash, they went to try to prevent the Scout from getting their intel to his base.
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The most powerful force in the ranks of the Pigmask Army…

The mysterious Commander…he seems to be the only one besides Lucas who can pull the needles! The already difficult task has become a race to the finish?

The meek young boy vs. the mysterious Masked Man!

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Hello there! Welcome to the world of POKéMON!


Your very own POKéMON legend is about to unfold!

A world of dreams with POKéMON awaits! Let’s go!

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