Not to be confused with amusement.

…unless you find some amusing.

Introducing the eXtra Dark forms of the four Pokemon… Shadow Pikachu, Shadow Pichu, Shadow Jigglypuff, and Shadow Mewtwo. (MUCH thanks to seanthedonconsidine for the inspiration of these four. 😀 )

…Now with more video!

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  • Sh-sh-sh-shadow M-m-m-m-mewtwo?!?!?!
    My story of XD002 lives on!!!!!!!

  • So how can someone make use of these textures? Do you need to play through an emulator?

  • Right ‘ere, tk:

    Hmm. Perhaps I should consider putting that in EVERY post, just in case . . .

  • Alrighty, S. – question time.
    I decided to check out jiggs for myself, since she has only like 12 textures. So, I found the offsets for the dark pink textures and the ear one, too. No prob, they end with “_14”. CMPR and all that.
    Everything else (eg. the eyes with “_9”, or stage backgrounds “_8”) are killer for me, because I can’t figure out how to get the right kind of .tpl that would fit correctly into the .dat file. I assume that my .tcs isn’t right, specifically regarding the image 0 line.

    So, the question: what to do about those pesky textures with transparency? Ha, I guess this would also apply to “_0” logo images, if you’ve figured those out, too. 🙂

  • ^ Oooh, moving on in, aye. Nice.

    Let’s see…

    Images ending with “_9” and “_8” are + textures. Ergo, you’d need a totally different TCS format to work with them. CI8, CI4, RGB5A3, RGB565 being your primary things ‘ere. And magenta, when applicable for transparency-afflicted +2 textures.

    The thing with + textures, is that the data… changes. A lot. Like, the hex numbers are normally very inconsistent with the data you’re going to replace, yet its the same coding… just worded differently. Makes it very difficult to replace stuff only in + format, let alone find *coughLugiacough* … and then, if the palette doesn’t have 32 lines, you have to do all the subtraction stuff…

    I must admit, though, I’ve been having a spot of trouble with “_8” textures. I can’t seem to nail the correct “format” for them; my textures always have weird lines like I hexed it wrong.

  • So I’d need to add the palette 0 line in there…if I’m guessing correctly. I’m pretty sure I tried that at some point earlier and got some error from TexConv along the lines of “the image has no palette”… maybe I’ll try again, now that I know it’s possible.

    Haha, I know what you mean with the inconsistencies. Like 00 being the same as 55 and FF in some images (simplest example I can come up with now). Dunno what to expect if I can get this to work, though.
    Great answer, thanks.

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