A brighter tomorrow

Well, guys, I’ve noticed an increasing problem with SSBB hacking. Mainly, most sites are hosted on wordpress.com, which, as history has shown, with Team Twilight*, isn’t exactly a safe hosting solution. We at SS however, secured a bulletproof server in Finland, with unimaginable bandwidth and hosting space. But, you’re thinking “surely you wouldn’t be posting about this, if you didn’t have a solution to the wordpress.com problem?”. Well, you’re absolutely right. And here is my solution: Sharing that wonderful server with you, the public. Enter BrawlHost, at stacksmash.kontek.net/brawlhost
Now everyone can enjoy the benefits that our server provides. Need server space? Don’t settle with wordpress.com‘s wimpy 10MB when we provide 10GB. Yes, 10GB. More then some bad hard-drives. And we may just upgrade that number in the future. And, let’s not forget the fact that I will provide any plugin or theme to you when asked, so get searching BrawlHost users. You can now enjoy the power of CulTNET. But, you pre-existing teams on WordPress.com may think “well, how am I going to move all this site content?” I’ve got just the solution for you.
1. WordPress.com side – Tools – Export.
Save your file.
2. BrawlHost side – Set up a site, all that good stuff, then head over to Tools – Import, and choose that file you saved earlier. Remember to import pics too. And boombayah, enjoy your new bulletproof site. Yes, this means you PowerNation. Nobody deserves to be resigned to the fate that Team Twilight experienced, which is why I had to give some solution to you guys. And whaddya know, it also meshes perfectly with the SCHC’s goal of creating one unified Smash hacking community. So stop reading this and SIGN UP ALREADY! Happy hacking!
Androu: Sticky this somewhere on the SCHC.
Also, I have one tiny thing to say. I’ve seen some refer to the SCHC as a Stack Smash forum, which is entirely untrue. It’s a forum for every hacker, big and small, popular and unpopular, talented and untalented. Do you think there would be ESH and PN sections as well as an SS one if it was an SS exclusive forum? Thank you, and goodnight. Happy hacking my friends!

*Captain Jim says: Leon has revealed that he shut Team Twilight down himself, so this fear of being on wordpress is unfounded. Don’t feel like you HAVE to take our server space.

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  • Foist.

  • THe site was temporarily unavailable, and I was wondering what was going on, but it seems everything is fine.

  • I believe it’s an interesting idea. Not being a hacker, however, it’s not my place to say.

  • @Yirbi: It’s because the installation process of WordPress Mu has adverse effects on the main site that only go away when the process is completed. Sorry for the scare.

  • nice idea. its like a little colony of smash hackers =D

  • I love Stack Smash

  • If I ever make a team, I’ll be sure to use this. πŸ˜€

    However, do you belive that the Sonic Cult communnity would appreciate your server-sappin? (Unless that’s part of the server deal. If it is, then tell me to sthu and I don’t know what I’m talking about. :D)

  • ninth. hooray 4 sharing and caring.

  • thanks alot stacksmash now i have my blog there. you can reach it here

  • PZT, I can’t believe you sometimes.
    Did’nt you read what I said on the forum at all?
    Wordpress didn’t shut me down, I shut Team Twilight down >:U

    well, even so, I think its alright your offering space, but, I just don’t see WHY you want people to use it so much, when there isn’t actually any problems with what we have now

  • I’d like to ask something. Can I host my blog on your Brawlhost, even if it’s not exclusively/not at all texture hacks?

  • Host or however it’s called, I’m not good at these things. (Sorry for double post)

  • Leon, I beg to differ. The main problem with being hosted in the US is the aversion to releasing for fear of retribution. This effectively solves that, as far as I can foresee.

  • I’m curioius why everyone was using WordPress in the first place. Is it just because the first groups started on WordPress, and everyone else copied them because they didn’t know of any other histing sites? Or was there an actual reason for it?

  • stacksmash.cultnet.net/communitycostumes/123forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=181#p1810
    That’s what I would call a little loophole in your arguments. ^^

    But, well, you can still advertise for your host, if you want. Just beware of misinformation. πŸ˜‰

  • I have a question.
    do assist trophies have 3dmodel files? or are they just textures?

  • No one has been shut down (by who everyone thinks does it) for releasing, just so you know.


  • @Leon: No I didn’t. Thanks for telling me.
    @HDT: It’s because EE used WordPress and we ripped them off. So everyone else ripped us off.
    @Jim: Being hosted in the US isn’t safe. Also, who’s going to take plugin-less and theme-less WordPress.com when we have 1000 times the hosting space right here with all the added safeness of bulletproof hosting?
    @Megaron: Sure I guess.
    @HSX: I think I have somewhere in the vicinity of 10000TB to work with maybe. 10GB is sort of a small number on this server.

  • I agree that no one should end up like eesyntaxerror (but I hope Even Error does)

  • @ SouledgeLink :
    I think Even Error is no more, because they changed their team name.

    (WTF, why is my last comment still “awaiting moderation” ? o_O)

  • No one’s been shot down by Nintendo because they were hosted in the US, though.

  • Will this be Finnish? i have a bad enough problem with Spanish. πŸ˜›

  • @ Leon:
    Well see-*shot by PZT

  • Just an announce that EVERYONE should look at…

    See the Shadow on FoxHound’s site? well, it’s mine.I think we should stop them before they do it with someone else, so, are you guys going to be nice enough to boycott them for what they done?

  • Do as you all please, I however am gonna jump on the bandwagon

    *jumps on bandwagon*

    PZT, for once i’d like to take your offer of hosting us (well, me) since I feel its time I can manage a website again, I would like to kindly ask for some space.
    however, I’m don’t wish to use my old site, I’d like to start a new one if thats OK with you.

    I’m gonna Start TT back up, but with a new name “Twilight Texture Hacks” yeah, I know, satire is incredibly classy X3

    Anyway, thanks a bunch PZT. I’ll make it sometime tomorrow, since I’m on the Wii at the moment >_<

    And uh, just so you know, I DO still feel its a tad un-needed, but alas, 7GB extra and CSS sound like a good bargain to me.



    *jumps out*

    I still want server space (as much as it kills me to ask for it)

  • Cool.

    If you want to dissociate SS from the SCHC, you might want to move the link out of the “Stack Smash” section of the sidebar and put it under “Links.”

  • I’m loving the idea of hosting people here, but for different reasons.

    I don’t think it’s really a major worry being on WordPress at the moment. Even if the claims of Nintendo shutting down EE are true, then it only happened at their peak popularity. I think the smaller hacking sites have nothing to worry about.

    The extra space is a bonus, the security? That’s great also. But in the end, it’s keeping the community together that I like.

    But there is one bad thing…if the whole hacking community is on cultnet and your bulletproof host turns out to not be as bulletproof as you think, then EVERYONE is screwed, lol.

  • @Leon, You are leaving us?

  • Of course not, I just want my own blog as well πŸ™

    If you guys dont want me to have my own site, then i’ll leave it.

    I want the site for several reasonsm including Machinima purposes.

  • i heard that on my site is a stolen texture
    im sorry for that again blabla381 post the stolen textures on evenerror.
    i gave him a last chance but he did it again!!!!!!!!
    and now he is no member of the team anymore
    and if you see another stolen texture on my site just tell it too me


  • Does this mean I can make my own website? If so, I LOVE STACK SMASH!

  • Yes TK, go ahead and set up Bonzai Industries

  • “*Captain Jim says: Leon has revealed that he shut Team Twilight down himself, so this fear of being on wordpress is unfounded. Don’t feel like you HAVE to take our server space.”

    @ Leon: Really? Why?

  • It seems this idea is receiving a lot of positive criticism, and even some thank you’s here and there. Well done, PZT.

  • @TK 421

    You can make a blog without their server ya know.

  • No update today?

  • (Copied from SCHC forums)

    yeah, I did shut my site down, simply because I couldn’t handle getting constant E-mails and pestering from certain users.

    So yeah, after all the constant pestering and asking for PCS, I decided to shut down and just use this place instead, sure, I get less viewers, but its a lot less stressful.

    plus, I have an incredibly busy lifestyle, what with a kid on the way, college, and other things, I just couldn’t find much time anymore, so I shut down, and well, PZT immediately flew off the handle and stuff, and then people started reporting it to GoNintendo, the whole thing flew out of control and well …. yeah … I honestly didn’t know things would get that crazy O_o

    I sincerely apologize to everyone I lied too, but well, If I hadn’t lied, people would’ve kept pestering me, so for that, I apologize, I honestly feel like shit for lying all this time, but, well, I just feel its about time I stopped lying XD

  • @Bonzai
    I will if you help me.
    @Stack Smash
    Well, how do I get my website on your server?

  • I want my site on ur page as well. My site is stacksmash.cultnet.net/brawlhost/cursedportal/ all the textures I have havent been posted yet though

  • @ Leon: Wow.

    I’m glad you’ve told the truth, though!

  • @TK 421
    Set it up, at least space wise

    @Stack Smash
    How do I edit this? I am really new to this.

  • as far as i know bonzai u cant edit comments. Comments r different than normal post on a forum

  • @Fireking220
    Sorry, I didn’t think my comment through. How do I put anything on the blog?

  • Never mind, I’m just retarded

  • Psssh, I was expecting a Radiant Dawn texture.

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