Sonic Advance 3: Ocean Base Zone act 2

And here’s another Sonic advance stage; which I made only because I like the music that goes with this stage so much.

I did have some problems with putting collisions around the spikes though because for some reason if the characters touche the spikes diectly they die instantaniously. Of course I fixed this problem however, by using a transparent model and putting collisions around it so it looks as if your standing on the spikes but you are actually standing on collisions attactched to a¬†transparent cube model. I threw a moving platform in there just for kicks and a huge moving cube model because that’s what most people remember about this stage; the GIANT cubes that crush you in one hit yaaaay! -_-.

Goes over BF with no rel and FZero (Port Town Aero drive) with the rel.





Also comes with a rel file to go over big blue

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