Brawl with style.

so you like Team Fortress, and you like Style, and you like Brawl….


Based on Fps-Banana-User DrChicago2911’s beautiful Unmasked Stylish Spy

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  • What if I don’t like any of those things? >_>

  • Then you slightly similar to me :I

    I like a certain unmasked Spy on FPSBanana, but certainly not that one, no offense.

    Its a good job none the less, but I uh, don’t like C.Falcon so I’d be kinda bias if I were to give a proper review for it

  • @hotdogfgt
    I think we’ve had enough of these.

  • Um, I heard FPS banana has a virus going around. Is it safe now, or is it best not to click?

  • It had a virus like a week ago and is safe now.

  • (This isn’t related to the texture)
    Hey guys, Itsa me. Some of you might remember me. I used to be a giant SSBB hack fan. I think I stopped around that time SS went down for a few weeks. Anyways, how much have we progressed in model hacking? For example, can we only do simple stuff, like, if we were to make Mario look like he had no gloves, we could make it so it doesn’t look like a new layer, or have we gotten to the point where someone could, for example, take the model of Metagross from it’s trophy and implant it into the game as a playable character? Or somewhere in between?
    Nice hack, too.

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