Shrike’s Tunes

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  • Why is it that you guys didn’t enable responses? -_-;

    Anywho, IMO out of all of these I have to say that your original creations kick way more rear than your remixes (This is a GOOD thing). Keep up the work and plz try to improve your remixes. :3

    -PS I want to make Dark Jungle the music for a level on a fangame I might make. It’s AWESOME. (Also your music suits sonic because of the way it’ laid out- speedy.)

  • Hey im willing to donate brstms to this website if youd like.

  • This is SHRIKE’S tunes. I suggest you ask that in Androu1’s BRSTMs. 😛

  • Kraid’s Remix links to a Doomsday remix. At least the preview.

  • Lol… nobody lieks t00nz T_T

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