Just when you thought New Members were over…

ANOTHER new member? Yeah, it’s me (some people may recognize me from YouTube), but I’m a bit different from most SS members. Instead of making textures (which I know nothing about), I specialize in moveset hacking.

So far I’ve only gotten 1 moveset hack done (and it’s only v1, too), but once my plans clear up, I plan to make many many good, original moveset hacks in the (hopefully near) future. Anyway for now, I present to you, FireStorm Falco (v1)!

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    I was facing my friend who was using spark luigi, we were on the “waiting room level” playing brawl plus. It was the beginning of the match, and I did a low jump B down, and it killed him one hit.
    To make it shorter, your B down is overpowered, has a small sweetspot, or it’s a glitch. I wanted you to know, so you can make edits for V2.

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