Shrike is DJing it up a bit.

Well, we now have some music by da Shrike here.

Here’s what we got:

  • Dry Dry Desert Remix
  • Green Hill Zone Remix
  • Ice Cap Remix
  • Kraid’s Lair Remix
  • Sandopolis Remix
  • And, an original work, Rainforest Dash!

You know where to find those, right?

Anyway, you may also find some music in the Custom Music section of the Smash Costume Hack Community.

That’s not all, tho. If you wanna listen to the songs without having to put them in the game, you just need to get WinAMP and the VGMStream plugin! It works perfectly. If you have in_cube already installed on WinAMP, delete it because it sucks in comparison.

Vyse edit: Because I’m tired of seeing people ask, I’m just gonna put it here: The SD Loader DOES NOT work with music at this time. If you want to use this, you’ll have to burn a disk. You know, the way everyone used everything back before the SD Loader.

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    Too bad I don’t have an SD slot

  • So wait, does custom music work with the SD Loader now or not?

  • Colonel-Gilgamesh

    Wait. I heard that music changes were is beyond SD cards. So this DL is for them?

  • Colonel-Gilgamesh, it’s called: Putting custom music on a Brawl ISO via DVD-R.

  • @Colonel-Gilgamesh
    i just heard its beyond the file replacement code and music is so far doing good

  • Colonel-Gilgamesh, it’s called: Putting custom music on a Brawl ISO via usb iso loader.

  • Expect to see something that’s epic, too, SRB2 fans. He made something orgasmic to the max.

    All I’m saying. 😛

  • Nice work! …or at least I assume it is! Could you post mp3 versions of these? I’d like to give them a listen, but I’m not willing/am unable to burn copies of Brawl.

  • Dude, can’t you fucking read? In the bottom, I tell you what you need to listen to those without inserting them in Brawl. WITH LOADS OF LINKS TO EVERYTHING YOU NEED TOO!

  • Expect more soon.

  • @Androu1: quote: “you just need to get WinAMP and the VGMStream plugin! It works perfectly.”

    Care to explain? The first half of the comments mainly consisted in utter confusion. XD That line could be interpreted as “hey dumbaz, mute your tv and turn on winamp. Play song.” heh — I’m excited to listen up though. 😀

  • Can’t someone just put the songs on youtube? My computer is slow enough, I really don’t want to download more programs just so I can hear some music.

  • Check my newgrounds account.

  • Checks out account…

    Great, their they are! Thank you!

  • Watched Green Hill Zone twice. Tip: It sounds better if you don’t have your computer on mute.

    I lieks.

  • Uh, what stages are they on?

  • @WPS: There is no set stage for them. You put them wherever you want.

  • Woah that was awesome. PHANTOMWINGS!!!!!! *shakes fist*

  • Thanks.

  • Geez, ouch. Take it easy Androu! I think misreading something once isn’t reason to flip out at someone. Either way, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to post mp3s, but it would still be useful for anyone who doesn’t want to use WinAmp, or uses Macs.

  • so is the sd file replacement code thingy working with music yet?? plz say yes!!!

  • Nice. I was waiting for music hax from Shrike for some time. I assume he remixes them himself? I tried doing that, but I failed horribly at it. Now I just stick to putting songs and themes in.
    O yea:
    Just for everyone who was wondering

  • Ice Cap and Sandopolis Zone remixes? Pretty good. PANTOMWINGS!!!!!!!

  • lol ok sorry ^_^ saw the bottom of the post, i see now. well now im sad. u_u

  • This needs updating. SD Loading is possible now.

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