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Show me your Rainbow!

Wow.This is one many people thought of when Captain Rainbow was announced for the Wii.Many people were like “LOLOLOLOL HE SHOULD BE PUT INTO SMASH!!! LOLOLOLOL RAINBOW PAWNCH!”.I give you all the nearest thing we will get…for now.We don’t even know if that game is gonna get over to USA or even Europe.

It would be hilarious if Captain Rainbow was in the next Smash (will there even be one?) and he was a clone of Captain Falcon and of Ness (Yo-Yo!)

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Beardness = Awesomeness

OK! This is probably my most favorite and randomly awesome costume yet! I think it will always be my favorite.It’s just too awesome and funny!

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Dark-a-Chu is here to eat your soul

This,people,is my first custom costume and my first time EVER using Adobe Photshop.He is supossed to be dark…and I think he does look dark! Or atleast black…anyway,what you people want are pictures,right?

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