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Krazy Taxi!

Not really Crazy Taxi, but it’s Taxi Driver Luigi! He’ll take you around the world, though he prefers to launch you with a blazing uppercut rather than driving you…

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Pop’n Metabee…what?

Snake, you’re no longer the only Konami character in Brawl! Behold!

It’s Twinbee! The bell collecting, smiling jet robot thingy!

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A badguy… no wait… a badgal???

To be precise, one of the most notorious naurical bandits alive, the dangerous, yet attractive Maple Syrup. Former captain of the Brown Sugar Pirates and current captain of the Black Sugar Pirates.

She goes from island to island with her ship, the S.S. Teacup, to plunder great valuables. Wario, who recently lost his fairly stolen castle, plans to steal those valuables from the pirates.

Wario, a greedy, bold treasure hunter meets Syrup, a woman determined to get what she wants. A rivalry doomed to cause nothing but money mayhem!

Now, Syrup is in Brawl, able to settle things with her arch-rival in yellow once and for all!

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Happy Birthday, NICKtendo DS!

As of May 26th, I am 20 years old. To celebrate that, here are 2 of my own characters: Splot and King Oneye.

Both can be seen here:

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Ultratech’s latest war machine

One of the main reasons the Killer Instinct tournament exists: Fulgore. The tournament is held to test the prototype’s battle capabilities before it goes into mass production. The prototype eventually has to face an ancient beast from another dimension. Neither versions made it to their final opponents, Eyedol and Gargos. Jago and Orchid managed to destroy prototype 1 and prototype 2 before they were mass produced.

With the flaws analyzed and fixed, Ultratech now introduces a brand new design, a lighter, more agile and way more advanced Fulgore!

Meet Fulgore v3: Pocket Fulgore!

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The story of the tortoise and the hare

The following story takes place over 3000 years after the event that triggered the war between the shelled reptiles and the furry long-ears.

After a brave rabbit rescued the princess of hares, Eva Earlong, from Devan Shell, the hero took a vacation. He did not enjoy the vacation for long as Devan appeared once again, trying to destroy him with his latest device. The hero took the full blast as the attack was a surprise. Devan fled for he knew the weapon alters the genetic composition so, that the target will expand infinately until he or she explodes. The weapon is but a mere prototype, though, and what happened to the hero, not even Devan Shell expected it. It turned the hero into a completely different specie!

The deformed hero shall now be known as:

Jazz Jackfox!

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Get ready for a big adventure

The blue mushroom, an icon revealed by SEGA, building hype for one of the craziest platformers yet. It makes you big, like the mushrooms in the Super Mario platform games, but not in a traditional way. It makes you grow so big, you are thrown offscreen, it turns you into a member of the Village People and it even acts as viagra! The randomness of this mushroom makes the classic red mushroom from the Mario games look extremely bland.

Here’s the mushroom popping cowboy: Pole!

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The Skull as it should be!

F-MAX legend Sterling LaVaughn, a.k.a. The Skull in F-Zero, revamped.

Not much that I can add to the previous Skull post made, except…


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Baw, I missed easter…

Billy was really looking folward to pushing easter eggs, but he’ll have to settle with regular ones instead.

One of SEGA’s more recent memorable characters. This guy was sent to a world populated by fowls, where chickens are happy and crows are sneaky. He had to push eggs to save Morning Land from darkness and prevent it from spreading to the real world.

Once again, Billy Hatcher dresses himself in the chicken suit, adding another SEGA character to the Nintendo All-Star game!

By the way, Billy Hatcher and Yoshi would form an interesting team.

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Prince of Radaxian, champion of Janken

A powerful, young boy who fights his enemies by playing rock, paper, scissors. His exceptional skill at that game made him a hero. He rescued Radaxian from Janken the Great’s evil reign, he returned the stolen stars and managed to find his long lost father, the king of Radaxian.

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